Global Collection Period
On Reformation Day 2022 the General Secretary of the LWF send out a letter as a call for hymns and prayers to all member churches of the LWF. The letter can also be found in four languages in the download section of this website. Between November and May 2023
hymns could be sent to us via a dropbox link on this website. 


Members of the curation group met physically and when technically possible online for a conference in Leipzig from 24th-27th November to connect, worship together and broaden their perspectives together through working sessions centering on Luther ́s engagement of contemporary musical practices of his time for the reformation movement. -> HERE´s THE LINK TO PUBLIC EVENTS OF THIS CONFERENCE

Screening Process

The content of the 2024 Songbook was screened by members from all seven regions of the LWF compromised of professional musicians, theologians and liturgical scholars working in theological and musical education. Altogether, people of 25 different countries in leadership positions, local church musicians and recognized artists that work also on the secular music scene. Members of the 2017 and 2023 Global Assembly worship team were also included. Through a screening process ending on Reformation Day 2023, the final content was selected. Songs of the Global Assembly 2023 in Krakow and selected prayers and blessings from all LWF regions of the world will be included as well within the regular content.

Design Process November 2023 - Easter 2024

The hymnal will be designed in the fall of 2023 and printed in the spring of 2024.
Its structure is following the arch generated from the title of the hymnal:

Pilgrimage - being on a journey ever deeper into faith, guided by Scripture and the grace of Jesus Christ. Longing and striving for Freedom, working toward a more just and generous world for all creation, shaped by God’s immeasurable love. Celebrating Belonging, as one communion through
the Holy Spirit in the one body of Christ.”

Presentation and distribution of the hymnal 2024

The hymnal will be printed in the beginning of 2024 and shall be presented at venues in the seven regions of the LWF throughout the following years to foster a network for global resources. In June 2024,
the hymnal will be officially presented as well in outdoor concerts and church services in Wittenberg/GER. This festival/ conference will be hosted by the Protestant Academy of Wittenberg, the cultural office of the German protestant church (Kulturbüro der EKD) and LWF´s Wittenberg Center  and will focus on contemporary ways to work with the heritage of Martin Luther´s musical theology.